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The tattoos are temporary, but the

memories last a lifetime!

History of Henna

Henna comes from the flower of a plant which primarilly grows in tropical regions. Becuase it comes from a plant Henna is all natural and usually organic. Henna was historicaly used as far back as the bronze age as a dye for hair, eyebrows, fingernails, and of course for tattoing the skin which we refer to as Henna Body Art.

Henna Body Art has been around for for thousands of years. It is know to have existed as far back as 1600 BC, but it probably dates back even further. As such it is an integral part of our aboriginal history and culture as a people who expressed themselves in art. Body Art created with Henna yeilds an all natural temporary tattoo created by applying Henna directly to the skin in an artistic design. Traditionally a Henna tattoo is not about the design, but more about the skin the design is on which makes each and every Henna tattoo a personal and unique work of art.

Today people around the world find the temporary joy of having a Henna tattoo. We like to think of it as a temporary and fun escape from the structure of our daily lives, and a chance for each indivdual to express themselves in a fun artistic medium. Kids love it because it is fun and artistic, but we often find that adults love it even more because it offers them a creative outlet and a moment of ritual escape. We at Henna Body Art of Santa Cruz are proud to participate this historic and joyful tradition and would like to encourage you to do the same.